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Cookies, Cake Pops & Bouquets

Sometimes you need a gift favour for your party or function. Charismatic Cakes by Jenn can create cookies, cake pops or truffles to suit all types of special occassions and events, with any theme.

Are you looking for a unique gift that's both beautiful and delicious? An edible bouquet arrangement is sure to make your special someone smile. Edible bouquets can be arranged using cupcakes, cookies or cake pops.

Handmade Flowers & Character Figures

Gumpaste is a great medium in which to create beautiful and realistic looking flowers and foilage. Handmade flowers a true work of time and artistic ability. Each petal, leaf and bud is handcut, veined, pressed or formed, wired, dried and hand painted, before assembling it all together.
Handmade figures involve a great deal of attention as well and generally are made over the course of a couple of days. They too involve wiring for stability, layering gumpaste to add clothes, details and handpainting to create a realistic effect.'m a paragraph.


A cupcake can bring a smile to most everyone. There is nothing sweeter then a child's eyes who light up upon seeing a plate full of them. They quickly scan the selection in order to pick "the one" that will take them on a delectable journey of sugary sweet icing and a "fluffy little cake".



Charismatic Cakes by Jenn makes more then just cakes. You can order all sorts of customed designed, bakery related items, including cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, edible arrangements and handmade sugar flower or characters for cake toppers.



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